Health and 
Safety Policy

All parties have a duty to be ever mindful of risks and issues, which may arise as a result of their activities.

These centre round assessing and addressing the risks to health and safety of all persons involved in the event.

We have therefore drawn up a health and safety policy specifically for the Rotary Spring Fair to enable us to work in an environment which is mindful of the issues which could arise and to ensure we have used our best endeavours to avoid and/or prevent any adverse effect on the health and safety of our visitors, stallholders and organisers.

Rotary Spring Fair Health and Safety policy statement 

We will endeavour to:

· Provide adequate control of the risks to health and safety arising from our activities at the Spring Fair.

· Ensure that plant and equipment utilised at the event is appropriately erected, maintained and dismantled.

· Ensure safe stowage and handling of substances and consumables used at or provided to all attendees at the Fair.

· Provide information, instruction and supervision as deemed necessary of all helpers at the Fair, thereby, ensuring all helpers have the right guidance and support to undertake their allocated tasks.

· Encourage, help and guide all stallholders and helpers to be health and safety conscious, looking out to identify and rectify hazards in a positive way where necessary.

· Maintain a general health and safety working environment that is reviewed and iterated as and when necessary.

· To make health and safety a positive virtue not a negative detraction.