Health and Safety 
Risk Assessments

The Rotary Clubs cannot accept liability for any loss, damage or injury suffered by any attendees at the Spring Fair.

In order to minimise the risk of harm to all attendees we require that all stall holders and display organisers undertake a risk assessment in order to find, reduce and control the risk to all those taking part and members of the public who may attend.

Please set aside a few minutes of your time to think carefully about what hazards might arise in your / your organisation’s participation in the Spring Fair and which might cause harm to anyone attending the fair.

Your organisation may already have a standard process and form for undertaking a risk assessment but if not a simple form, is available here

Please number each completed form (if more than one). Also please date and sign each form, and print your name and that of your organisation where indicated by the dotted lines at the foot of each page.

If you have any doubt as to how to complete the form/s then please email the Fair’s Health and Safety officer for advice.

The completed forms should be retained safely and be available, if requested, for inspection at the Fair.

You can find helpful guidance on how undertake a risk assessment on the Health & Safety Executive website. This tends to be for larger events. Alternatively, advice for Rugby residents is available from the Rugby Borough Council Public Health and Licensing Team on 01788 533882 or by emailing or email the Fair’s Health and Safety officer.

Some examples of risks and that might be considered relevant are set out in the following table.

Identified Hazard

Injury to small children from sharp corners
on metal display tables

Persons slipping on mud created by spillage of
water used by our organisation at our display booth

Risk of scalding injury from hot drinks
dispensed by us

Steps to eliminate
/ reduce the Hazard

Sharp corners will be covered with sufficient layers
of adhesive Duct Tape to protect any children from injury

Non- slip matting will be laid to prevent persons
slipping and injuring themselves

Hot drinks will be dispensed in cups which will
protect persons from scalding injuries, by including
lids to protect from accidental spillages