The RATT Space will be located in a marque at the southern end of the Recreation Ground.

Click here to see the layout of Ground!

Artists from Rugby Area Talent Trust (RATT) and some of the young musicians, who have received bursaries from the Rotary Clubs of Rugby, will provide live music from 13:00 through until 1600.

Relax and enjoy some perfect Spring Fair sounds whilst taking in the day’s atmosphere, a bite to eat and perhaps a beer. 

We are grateful to the Hinckley and Rugby Building Society for sponsoring this facility.

The day will feature 18 artists from RATT (names are in no particular order).

Tom Wood


Tom Cowan


Tom Browning


Julian Carrouche


Reanne Reesby


Jess Lea

Tim Bentham


Lois Arrow


Emily Goodwin


Ellen Goodwin


Lewis Graham


Isabella Awang

Louise Roberts


Theo Gladman


Georgie Awang


Sasha Roberts


Oliwia Dragon


Louisa Roberts